Wildflower Meadow

Species-rich wildflower meadows are an important habitat for bees, dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies and can literally buzz with insects creating an attractive foraging location for bats and birds. Pensthorpe has one of the largest wildflower meadows in North Norfolk. Situated in the floodplain of the River Wensum, this traditionally-managed meadow plays an important role in the ecology of the river valley.

Only a small fraction of the once common wildflower meadows now remain in the UK, increased use of herbicides and changes in grassland management have proven disastrous for this key habitat. From the boardwalk you can enjoy more than 80 different species of grasses and flowers included ragged robin, marsh valerian, yellow rattle, greater bird's-foot trefoil and southern marsh orchid. The meadow is cut in the autumn with all cuttings removed then grazed by Norfolk Horn sheep.

With its diverse selection of wildflowers, the Wildflower Meadow was used as a base for BBC2's Great British Garden Revival.